We are a collective group of traders with a combined experience of 5 years who have learnt how to trade the markets efficiently and consistently, after many failures and trying to learn various strategies and styles before eventually becoming profitable.


DVFX was created by traders for traders as we understand it is difficult to find a trading program that is reliable and transparent, which is why we established this trading education group focused solely on helping others reach profitability.


We help novice traders to those with more experience become independent and self-reliant in trading the forex market, by giving them an extensive education and a comfortable and positive environment to learn in with like-minded individuals.


We believe that by finding yourself on our site, you are serious about either learning how to trade the Foreign Exchange or are looking to take your trading to another level and build upon what you already know.


Regardless of your experience level, we can help you hone your skill and give you the framework technically and psychologically for you to be successful in the markets. We cover all area’s; technical analysis, fundamentals, strategy development to money management and psychology as each is as important as the other and all must be mastered to gain consistency and profitability.


We pride ourselves on being a collective family and everyone in our team is encouraged to contribute and aid in each other’s development. This allows us to grow and get better more efficiently so that we can help more individuals become better traders and give them the skills they need to succeed.


If you are interested in joining the team and taking your trading to new heights, feel free to fill out our application form below and one of our team members will contact you to discuss starting your journey with us, as well as details for availability and costs.

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